M’s Multiples

Truly, I am just curious. I’ve never kept track of my orgasms. How many do I really have…?

Week One: Competition Count: 10                                 Multiple Reality: 30

Sunday saw me pushing for an early start, stomach flu running rampant, starting Monday and continuing all the way until Saturday, through the family members stunted my progress.

Going with the apparent conflicting theme of the week, I had a dream Friday night:

Most of the sex bloggers were there, and we lived on this new island in space. Marie Rebelle had the largest house, and most of us around her were very poor, and barely able to scrape by. But she was gracious, and giving, and often we would gather at her house for parties or just to socialize. There were many more details, some erotic, from this dream.

Such a juxtaposition of desire and family responsibility that night. I often will remember erotic dreams – my husband swears I have them every night, as every time he touches me after I’ve been sleeping, I am wet.  Dreaming about bloggers is probably because this community is such a big part of my life already. As for Rebel, well, she’s far and away leading this competition, definitely in the “biggest house” as it were.

*I’ve addded far more reflection on the first week on our blog, but wanted to share concepts here: where it all began

A Picture is worth 100 words

Cammies ask …

Have a picture of your orgasm for the race? Let us know! A picture is worth a hundred words in this race!

First Orgasm to…

First Orgasm to Saint1ess: #1 down #99 to go #OrgasmCount put myself in the corner and said start as you mean to go on! https://orgasmcount.wordpress.com

Countdown to the green light

In just a few days, nine brave souls will race each other to 100 orgasms. If you wish to take part, please drop us a line.